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Using liberty-minded opensource tools, and using them well

  1. Android Default Setup

    My several apps have different ways to make sure they're portable across devices, and this is how

  2. Shared Git Working Directory


  3. Docker Compose as a Portable, Extensible, and Atomically Upgradable Cloud Box

    In continuing to search for a WebGUI frontend for a cloud-in-a-box, I start pasting docker-compose files into a text box. Surprisingly, it works _very_ well.

  4. Hashi-cloud

    After reviewing my approach, I decided I'd try to figure out what advantages the cloud could do for me beyond what a colo cloud. This is going to be utilizing mainly hashicorp tools to give them a test drive.

  5. A pi-powered speaker setup

    Hooking up my work Macbook air to my USB-powered speaker system _just_ wasn't cutting it...

  6. Cockpit as a Portable Cloud Server

    By utilizing Cockpit, the setup of applications in a manageable, maintainable way becomes fairly simple.

  7. Virtual VLANs

    This is as simple as complex networking gets.

  8. Proxmox in Kiosk Mode

    Proxmox is great and all, but being able to monitor it with a WebGUI doesn't leave much room for old-fashioned KVM access. Especially when the server is in the office, and it's easier for others to associate the monitor on top of the computer with what is running on the computer.

  9. Network in a Bottle

    I've always imagined a scenario in which, there is a man, on a chair, in front of blinkenlights and computer screens. He presses a button and slowly raises his hands up as would a conductor in front of a grand symphony orchestra. The network springs to life like a bat outta hell. Disks whirring, fans spinning. It is up and ready; waiting to bend to his every whim. This is what that button press does.

  10. A Network for a HomeLab

    There's a lot that goes into architecting a nework, from production and development separation, to physical hardware management, to guest networks. Doing this right requires a lot of thought and vetting. Hopefully this is a good start.