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Using liberty-minded opensource tools, and using them well

  1. Subscribing to Nextcloud Public Calendar Link

    Gracefully receiving gifts is difficult, for me at least. Fitting them into my existing life is a surprise challenge/opportunity. Especially when it's not readily obvious how to do that.

  2. Media Playback on Discord

    What happens if you want to stream to discord? And if you want to share your screen while doing so? Typically I'd say _forgetddaboutit_, but why not. Let's waste 5 hours on figuring this out.

  3. Reproduce DPKG Errors

    Every now and then on Ubuntu systems, Ansible runs into an error where it fails to install/upgrade packages because the daily update is occurring. However, you can't reproduce it easily, for a myriad of reasons. Let's find out why...

  4. Canonical Media Setup

    I have so many requirements for my media. First of all that I want to have a local copy available over my network for quick access and manual uploading. I also want to be using a seedbox provider rather than a VPN out of my local network. I also want access to the files from my own server outside of my internal network on my own Nextcloud instance so that I can use share links. Impossible you say???

  5. Unsolveable Bluetooth Problems

    I've been facing finicky bluetooth issues, and wanted to note them here.

  6. Application Incoherance in the Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem

    Trying to adopt an ecosystem to operate in and evangelize is harder than it should be.

  7. The Making of a Podcaster

    Recording a Podcast with OBS -- Notable mentions to Jitsi, PulseAudio/Pulseeffects, Audacity, and OurCompose

  8. Vivaldi Setup

    The Power User's setup of the Power User's browser.

  9. IMAP Archive

    Let's store all my email that's 180 days or older at home but allow my email clients to access it.

  10. Firewalling Off Backups

    I wanted to set up VLANs in order to firewall off a Freenas share that is going to be able to be utilized by external services.